We consider sustainability to be the beating heart of our company strategy.

Today more than ever, our responsibility to future generations inspires all of our design and production choices.We like the idea of being able to give our customers integrated solutions that combine aesthetic concerns with those of efficiency, while maintaining a low impact on soil consumption (photovoltaic monoliths, photovoltaic facades).

The energy produced by the 700 KW photovoltaic system at our company headquarters covers, and even exceeds our total energy needs, guaranteeing us full energy autonomy. In recognition of the efficiency of the Integrated Management System we implemented, Gualini obtained the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management and for security management (ISO 45001).


Sharing our principles

Care for the well-being of employees and associates, the careful selection of suppliers, safety in the workplace and respect for the surrounding environment are among our guiding principles.Publishing the Sustainability Report allows us to share our results and make our continuous improvement goals measurable.

More than a philosophy,
a daily commitment