The project

The building located in Via Vittor Pisani 19, built during the 1960s and later expanded in the early 2000s, becomes part of the urban redevelopment project in the area, near the Central Station of Milan.

The project includes an important renovation of the building, which is currently 7 floors. It is planned, in fact, the reconstruction of the facades, a new entrance hall, and atrium on the ground floor. In addition, it is planned the construction of a new roof volume to be used as a common area and expansions of the lower wings and the seventh floor.

Gualini will deal with the supply and installation of the stick curtain walls that will give the building, candidate for LEED Platinum certification, a modern and valuable look.


Eletecno ST Spa


October 2021 – work in progress


Lombardini22, Arup

Intended use:


Area surface:

1250 sqm ca.

Facade surface:

6.570 sqm ca.