The project

This project is in the center of Milan and it’s near the “Dal Verme” theater; the work consists of the renweal of the complex that is composed of two buildings:

  • The first building was designed in the 1950s by the architects Magnaghi and Terzaghi and is overlooking “Via San Giovanni sul Muro”;
  • The second building of the 70s overlooksg “Via Porlezza 12”.

The works related to the first building consists in replacing the existing aluminum windows with new products made of steel profiles, in order to guarantee the respect of original elevations and to improve the thermal and acoustic performances.

The project related to the buildings on “Via Porlezza 12” involves the realization a double skin curtain wall created for the façades exposed on the courtyard and a single glazed skin curtain wall made for the facades that overlooks “Vicolo San Giovanni sul Muro”.

The double skin curtain wall guarantees a good bioclimatic comfort of the area in order to optimize the functionality of heating systems in the winter season and cooling in the summer.

The structure of the system is realized through suspended steel cables supported by structural fixed.


Investire SGR S.p.A.


2019 – 2022


Oneworks S.p.A.

Intended use:

Commercial and office activities