The project

Located south of Paris, the Platon Saclay University Complex (Metro) will house the University of Paris South’s Pharmacy Faculty, the Orsay Institute of Molecular Chemistry and Materials (ICCMO) and a teaching center in biology and chemistry.

One of the largest university sites in Europe, it is composed of two buildings: “Bâtiment Ideev” and “Bâtiment Metro”. This last one is characterized by a multiplicity of buildings connected by walkways, “Bâtiment Recherche”, for research activities, and “Plot 1-2-3”, “Bâtiment angle” and “Cœur de pôle” buildings, for teaching purposes. In all the facilities, there are labs, educational spaces, service areas, technical classrooms and logistics areas; the University will host about 3.300 students and 1.000 researchers, teachers and administrators.

Gualini Spa deals with the supply of mullion/transoms curtain walls for uprights and crossbars, skylights and aluminium coating. In December 2020 it was formalized the contractual extension of the purpose of Gualini, assigning to the company also the construction of windows, breathing windows and shutters.






BTuA (Bernard Tschumi) – Groupe 6

Intended use:


Facade surface:

6.500 mq