The project

Palazzo di Fuoco is one of Milan’s most iconic buildings.

Located in Piazzale Loreto and built from 1958 to 1961, the original design by Giulio Minoletti and Giuseppe Chiodi combines the sophistication of modern glass architecture with the urban gallery typology, which in Milan has seen the realization of some examples of remarkable quality. The building’s renovation, which began in 2017, aimed to modernize the palace in facilities, interior layout and energy efficiency, obtaining the LEED Platinum certification.

Gualini, who got the contract for the building envelope of this ambitious project in July 2021, has taken care of the completion of unitized curtain walls and provide and install ventilated facades, EI curtain walls, and fire-resistant glass roofing.




July 2021 – October 2022


GPBA Architects

Intended use:


Area surface:

16.000 m2 for 2300 m2 of office

Facade surface:

7.500 m2