The project

The new Lille’s Citè Administrative has risen on Boulevard de Strasbourg, between Porte des Postes and Porte d’Arras. The project is an impressive complex made of five buildings for office use, connected by internal streets and paths, in the heart of the French city. Thanks to this new structure, it became possible to reunite all the different administrative services that were, until that date, in separate locations. The impact on job occupation was significant too: the new building hosts twice as many administrative employees as before.

The project, signed by Valode & Pistre and Coldefy, is characterized by different design curtain walls that made the buildings unique thanks to different glazing and distinctive aluminum claddings.

Gualini dealt with the planning, production, and installation of curtain walls, doors, and windows, cladding, and horizontal sunshades. The company is proud to have contributed to the high quality of this project, whose budget amounts to approximately EUR 150 million.


Prefecture du nord


2022 – 2023


Valode & Pistre, Coldefy

Intended use:

Executive offices