The project

The ED.G.E. – Garibaldi Executive Buildings, located in via Don Luigi Sturzo, 45 in Milan, is an irregular building composed by three differents buildings, connected to each other and with different heights along the planimetric development.

The complex of buildings of the former, known to the general public as an old football-market headquarter, involves the renovation of the existing buildings and additional storey in the upper parts.

The buildings are characterized by the presence of glazed facades type stick curtain walls, which are differentiated aesthetically in the various elevations for the size of the glazed modules.

A further characteristic element of the envelope is the presence of horizontal and vertical external pilasters, in fiber-reinforced concrete in the existing volumes and in aluminum in the newly built ones.


Antirion SGR S.p.A.


2020 – 2022


Onsitestudio S.r.l.

Intended use:

Offices, residential complex

Area surface:

13.000 mq