The project

The new Galeazzi institute is located in the ex-Expo Milano 2015 area that is called MIND (Milan Innovation District), and it is the first example in Italy of the hospital of the future, founded on the strenght integration between Research, University Education and Care; the complex represents the first example of a modern vertical hospital in Italy, among the few in Europe and in the World.

The new structure combines the skills and the specializations of the two institutes of the GSD Group in one location: the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute (IRCCS) and the Sant’Ambrogio Clinical Institute.

The building is spread over 16 floors and is characterized by classrooms for the university, research laboratories, hospital rooms for 600 beds, diagnosis and interventions spaces and technologies; all according to the most advanced treatment methods, the most modern concepts of hospital technology, organization and delivery of health services.

Gualini, following the architectural project of the prestigious Studio Binini Partners Srl, will design and build 40,000 square meters of curtain walls, 24,000 square meters of drywall with external aluminum claddings.

The project is candidated to have LEED GOLD V4 certification.


GSD Real Estate S.r.l. (Gruppo San Donato)


2020 - 2022


Binini Partners S.r.l.

Intended use:

University, Laboratory and Hospital

Area surface:

Overall development:
150,000 m²