We added a new, important certification to the list of achievements achieved by the company.

After a study of the most straightforward and most performing solutions by the R&D Office of Gualini, our fire joints have passed the test with results far above expectations, receiving certification for EI180 performance. Specifically, five different types of fire resistance performance have been tested: one EI60, one EI90 and three EI180.

The current legislation requires a minimum performance of EI60, which means the resistance of the joint for a minimum time of 60 minutes to a standardized fire curve (about 1000 ºC), preventing the passage of hot fumes (E) and ensuring a surface temperature not exposed to the fire of the joint itself less than 180 ºC (I). Achieving EI 180 performance means that we guarantee these two key features for a duration of 3 hours.

Gualini is proud to have achieved this goal, allowing greater credibility and competitiveness in the market and ensuring the customer a certified quality service applied to cost-effective solutions.