Gualini strengthens its international growth with a turnover of +68% compared to 2020 and a forecast for 2022 of over 60 million euros, announcing the return to the American market post-Covid with the project of its American company Gualini Inc, which in New York City clads “262 Fifth Avenue”, an important new residential building of 60 floors in the heart of Manhattan.

The new contract involves coating a building 260 meters high, among the 30 tallest skyscrapers in Manhattan. The professionals of Gualini Spa are designing – architectural and engineering – the structural facades and the two architectural coverings. Bricks and photovoltaics, for a coating “Made in Italy”, that will have two souls: one of workmanship and bright, with extruded aluminum bricks; the other, more technological, composite aluminum and photovoltaic glass, a green solution of the futuristic skyscraper, among the many challenges on which Gualini has decided to invest, in a perspective of constant growth also in the field of sustainability.